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Lee Yong-jin, President

This year marks the 30th anniversary for the Seoul Performing Arts Company which has been dedicated to pursuing a new form of theater by combining music, dance, drama, and traditional performing arts and also to engaging a wider audience for our unique Theater of Music and Dance.

SPAC has been a leading musical company in Korean theater by staging new and captivating productions. Every year, at least two productions from the company repertoire and new productions are staged by SPAC while maintaining our commitment to developing new stories that are uniquely Korea, which sets our company apart from other drama or musical companies. Our company will continue to bring to stage new productions that are possible only by our company members as we stand firm as the backbone of Korean theater.

서울예술단 이사장 - 이용진
서울예술단 이사장 - 이용진

Choi Jong-sil, Artistic Director

It is not an exaggeration to claim that the history of the Seoul Performing Arts Company is the testimony of the history of the performing arts in Korea. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary, we stand at an important crossroad as a pioneer in Korean theater. I feel honored to be a part of the company at this important time, but I also feel a great sense of responsibilities.

As we continue our experiments with Theater of Music and Dance, the genre which defines SPAC, we have also endeavored to bring new stories and new productions to a wider audience. We will do our upmost to meet the expectation of audience and we will continue to carry our commitment to staging of a perfect integration of art and narrative. We are always grateful for your support and encouragement.