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Early Spring, Late Winter

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Early Spring, Late Winter

About the Production

Early Spring, Late Winter is an omnibus style production on the theme of maehwaflowers. The maehwa flower has been a symbol of integrity and steadfastness especially in oriental paintings, and in the production, maehwa flowers represent the unforgettable memories – sad, ecstatic, painful or moving moments in life that are etched in one’s life. The episodic story of the production crisscrosses from the past to the present and takes audiences to a magical place which is somewhere in between late winter and early spring. The story also includes a Chinese folktale, A Dream of Spring on Mount Nabu, and a folktale from the Goryeo Dynasty, Maehwa and a Bush Warbler that have been beautifully and humorously reinterpreted.


Produced by Seoul Performing Arts Company

Written by Sam-sik Bae

Directed by Do-wan Im

Music and Arrangement by Cheol-hwan Kim


The most provocative and experimental production among all the performances by the SPAC.”

- The Kukmin Daily



“The scene titled Early Flowers is short but intense stirring strong emotions and reactions from the audience.”

- Newstage