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Lost Face 1895

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Lost Face 1895

Production Notes


Artistic Director Choi Jong-sil
Playwright     Jang Sung-hee
Director      Lee Ji-na
Music      Min Chan-hong
Choreographers      Kim Hye-jin, Kim So-hee

About the Production

The production was inspired by the real mystery of Empress Myeongseong who left behind no picture of herself. Instead of chronicling story of her life, the production tells her life as she was forced to survive in the time of political turmoil while presenting her, almost like putting a puzzle together, as a complex and controversial character that she was. Praised for shedding a different light on Empress yeongseong and for the innovative stage design and choreography, the production became a part of the yearly repertoire of SPAC.


“ It is clear from the performance that the Seoul Performing Arts Company has discovered the answer for their incessant search for the musical genre that is uniquely Korean..”

Munhwa Daily

“ The choreography couldn’t be more beautiful. A beautifully crafted and performed theatrical piece that raises one’s expectation for musicals.”

Hankyung Daily