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Deep Rooted Tree

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Deep Rooted Tree

Production Notes

About the Production

Based on the original novel by the same title, the production presents the story of King Sejong and his invention of Hangeul and his love for the Korean people. The story follows the serial murder of scholars at the Hall of Worthy with intensity and suspense augmented by captivating choreography and music against the backdrop of the visually stunning stage design. King Sejong hopes to provide his people a set of easy letters so everyone can learn to read and write; however, the nobles including some of his own scholars oppose his plan, for that would mean sharing of power. With the story which lets the audience ponder on the true intention and meaning behind King Sejong’s invention of Hangeul, the production is recommended as a family entertainment.


Deep Rooted Tree is a smart performance which maximized the Music and Dance Theater, the unique genre of SPAC. Instead of simply staging the story of the original novel, the production transcended it and created something uniquely theatrical.<br/><br/><br/><br/>SPAC is at its best when it tells a story with music and dance. It’s been a while to watch a performance at Theater Yong where the performance makes the venue actually seem small.<br/><br/>-The Musical