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Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-Ju.

home PERFORMANCE OF SPAC Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-Ju.

Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-Ju.

Production Notes


Artistic Director   Choi Jong-sil
Playwright   Han A-reum
Music   Oh Sang-jun
Director   Gwon Ho-seong
Choreographers   Woo Hyeon-yeong

About the Production

The story was inspired by numerous speculations and controversies about the authenticity of pictures of Empress Myeongseong, the last empress of the Joseon Dynasty who was assassinated by Japan. Rather than focusing on the life of the empress, the story brings to stage the political and personal choices which she was forced to make in order to survive through the turmoil of the times. Against the backdrop of different historical evaluations and criticisms about the empress and the role she played politically, the performance delves into different episodes of her life in order to discover her true face.


The performance which is like a sad and yet heart achingly beautiful poem.”

Yonhap News

“ This performance with the lyrical music as the central theme makes one come back to the theater with more expectations.”

Chosun Daily