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Over the Border

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Over the Border

About the Production

The production is an adaptation of the 2006 film under the same title which tells a story about Seon-ho, a horn player in North Korea who is suddenly forced to defect to save his life. He leaves behind his fiancé in the North, and although he lives in the South, all he wants is to be reunited with her. The production was experimental in two different perspectives: a new story and a new venue. The story deals the theme of the division, a new story for SPAC, and it was also performed at Daehakro Arts Theater, a smaller venue compared to where the previous productions were staged. Discovering of new stories and also different venues helped to make SPAC performances more accessible to a wider audience.



Playwirght Jeong Yeong
Music Lee Na-oh
Director Chu Min-ju
Choreographer Hong Se-jeong


It is a story about happiness found against all odds. The musical version by SPAC found a balance between the heavy theme of the story, and the fun and entertainment of the performance.


It is a heartbreaking love story. SPAC has spent the past thirty years working toward the goal of fostering more cultural exchange programs between North and South Korea, and it is a story that only SPAC can present.