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Nori, A journey with music of the world

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Nori, A journey with music of the world

About the Production

An ensemble and harmony created through the encounter of different traditions! Korean traditional music meets music of the world. Art from countries around the world will join Korea’s unique rhythm, dance, and singing, creating a fascinating charm for the audience. ‘Nori(playing)’ is an interactive theatre performance completed with the participation and communication of the audience. Every performer and audience will come together to create this exciting performance that crosses over tradition and modern, Korea and the world, and different generations. It will be a totally new experience for all.


Playwright, Director Choi Jong-sil

Vice Director Yoo Hee-sung
Music Kim Hye-sung
Choreographers Lim Hak-sun, Jeon Mi-rae, Park Ji-eun


Not just music but everything comes together in this production including the lights, visual, costumes, and not to mention the stage design. The audience feels transported to different parts of the world. “Once you leave the theater, you will be tempted to grab something and start tapping it with your hands or try stamping with your feet.”

– News Culture

Among all the productions by SPAC, Nori is the one that was born out of the energy and dedication of every member of the company.

-Bridge News